Microphone Rocks changes the way you use your mobile devices.

Microphone Rocks!

With MICROPHONE ROCKS you do not have to think about combining the video and audio, because the app automatically does it for you! Everything can be done using your mobile smart phone, without the need of a computer.


Amazing Features

Use one device as microphone, another as video camera

Available in different languages

English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean


Connect over bluetooth

Use bluetooth to connect your devices.


Connect via WiFi Router or Hot Spot

Use your router to make your connection even stronger or connect over hot spot.

Automatic Synchronization

Audio and video is automatically synchronized so you never have to waste time on an editing program.

Connect external mics and bluetooth headsets

You can use headphones or a bluetooth headset as your microphone.

Share with ease

You can transfer videos easily via ftp and share via social networks.

The Ultimate Video Recording App

Whether you are a YouTuber, Video Blogger or just a video recording fanatic, you need Microphone Rocks! With our app, we have made the ability to record video and with audio quality, without the need of a wireless transmitter. Wireless transmitters are expensive, and anyone that records videos usually needs a wireless transmitter for great audio quality. With Microphone Rocks, you can simply use another device as a remote microphone, and the audio will be automatically transferred to the primary recording device. In addition, you will never have to open an editing program on your computer for audio and video sync, because the app does it automatically for you!

  • Reliable connection over wifi or bluetooth
  • Everything is AUTOMATICALLY synchronized
  • Position yourself on one device before recording video
  • Simple as one, two, three

What we have now?

In this new era of using smart devices, it is very popular to shoot videos and take photos. People are constantly shooting beautiful moments from their life, taking interviews, parents recording kids, actors shooting their monologs, students recording lectures, kids shooting themselves or cats :) and share with friends and subscribers. So, the main point in shooting a great video is to have perfect quality sound, with convenient automatic synchronization of video and audio. But problem is: The sound is always low and there is a lot of background noise (if there is no separate microphone)!

There are already various solutions to this problem, however you will need an external transmitter with a microphone and a good editing program which can add up to a few hundred dollars. We have eliminated the need to use an editing program on a computer and the purchase of an external transmitter with a microphone.

Microphone Rocks eliminates your costs and synchronizes the video and audio automatically, to make your life easy!


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Dilmurod Yunusmetov

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